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Jan 20, 2021

Here's What We Talked About in This Episode

What is a rogue learner?  

A rogue learner in my definition is somebody who takes their learning by the horns. It's somebody who makes their own path, creates their own learning journey, and is not afraid to question the status quo. Somebody who is really, really motivated to learn on their own terms.

How and why did we choose self-directed learning?  

School was really dull for my kids and there were a lot of subjects that they were covering in school that just weren't applicable to what my kids were interested in and what they were good at. For us, self-directed education was a great fit. Self-directed learning for us has been really critical in developing relationships in our family that are really strong and respectful and trusting. That was really important to me. We really liked the idea that you don't have to learn at a school inside a classroom and at a desk, there are multiple ways for you to get information. We wanted our kids to know that learning is actually fun, joyful, and can create wonderful opportunities and can make your life more fulfilling. I don't want it to be a chore. I didn't want my kids to feel a sense of duty in having to go to school.

Who is this podcast for? 

This podcast is really geared toward people who already have an interest in self-directed learning or who want to begin learning about it.

What topics will this show cover? 

So in this show, I want to cover all different aspects of self-directed learning. I want to talk about how children can learn from the world around them. I want to talk about how we can provide space, community, the opportunity for children to travel, and gain global perspectives.

I want to explore how our kids can pursue goals set by themselves. I want to find out why children are motivated by having autonomy over their education. I want to discover ways in which we can facilitate and invite our children to explore their world.

What is the purpose of the show? 

This show is going to assist you with challenges, answer questions, and provide inspiration to you and your family. Even if we feel seasoned in self-directed learning, there will be doubts from time to time. It's so encouraging to hear stories from other people who are doing this and find out what their path looks like and how they're implementing this model on a day-to-day basis.

On this show, we'll keep you informed about upcoming summits and conferences. 

Where did the idea for the podcast come from?

Back in January, I started creating a directory for kids and families. I wanted it to benefit everyone, not just myself, but I really wanted it to be an organized system.

And I was really hoping that it would be something the community could add to on their own. After starting homeschooling with my kids, we settled into self-directed education quite nicely and I decided why not start a podcast about our self-directed learning journey and help point people to the resources that they're looking for at the same time.

Our Why 

We wanted better relationships with our kids, to lower anxiety levels in our kids, boost creativity, and offer unlimited time and resources to our kid's learning. 

Three things I immediately noticed after switching to homeschooling.

My kids accomplished goals beyond the limits of a graded rubrik. My son can focus his time and attention toward learning that is relevant to his interests and goals in life. Our relationships with each other have become more respectful and trusting.


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