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Jan 27, 2021

  • Join the Facebook Community if you want to get support, learn about great resources, and get inspiration for self-directed learning. 
  • Record a voicemail! If you want to share any challenges you overcame this week or family wins. Jenna will play them on the show.
  • Talia joins the show to record Jenna’s backstory and journey to homeschooling her kids.
  • Jenna shares how she felt like a teacher’s pet growing up and never felt like a rogue learner herself.
  • She attended elementary school in Las Vegas and enjoyed it because of a pull out GATE program. The teacher encouraged deep learning and Jenna looked forward to participating in the program each week. 
  • When she started middle school in Las Vegas, she felt like a small fish in a big pond and doesn’t really remember much about what she learned. She cared about what her peers thought. She enjoyed sports and it became a passion for her throughout the rest of her school years. 
  • Her highschool was small and didn’t offer the same opportunities that her friends were experiencing back in Vegas. She realized it was unfair, and decided to move back to Vegas for her last year of high school.
  • Jenna became homesick after a few months and realized that keeping a job, participating in AP classes and playing sports was impossible to balance. Jenna decided to move back home.